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4 pages essay

1.    Papers are to be a minimum of 4 pages long (approximately 900 words), papers less than 4 pages long will receive a zero!

2.    Papers must be typed, double spaced, normal margins – do NOT play with the margins!

3.    Font cannot be larger than 12 pt 

( I accept any of the “normal” fonts eg. Times New Roman, Arial, Courier New)

Think about ALL the speeches you have given in class and ask yourself 3 questions:

        1. What did I do right?
        2. What did I do wrong? 
        3. How could I have made my speeches better?

Other items to include:

How often did you practice? where? did you practice in front of anyone? Did this change for each speech?

How did you select the topic? think about all the topics – why did you pick what you picked?

Describe how you prepared for the presentations.

What did you do well? Where can you improve? How have you improved between all the speeches? Which speech was your best and why?

How did you feel during the first speech? Was it the same when you did each speech afterwards?

How did you feel about the content of your speeches? Did your content improve? How? 

How do you feel about the delivery of your speeches? Did you have fillers? How was your eye contact? How have you improved on these and other delivery aspects?

What have you learned about yourself and the process of presenting? 

What NOT to include:

Do not give me a play-by-play of the presentations.

Our Essay Format
  • Times New Roman, 12 pt
  • 1 Inch Margins
  • Double/ Single Spacing
  • 275/ 550 Words Per Page
  • MLA/ APA/ Turabian/ Chicago style, etc

A standard double-spaced page contains 275 words

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