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6 Discussion Posting

EACH POST NEEDS 5-8 -5 sentences and 1-2 APA refences. Each discussion needs to be labeled separate i.e discussion 2, 3, 4, 5,


Discussion 2

Many events and decisions have led to our current healthcare status. Discuss what congressional action you believe is most monumental toward America’s current universal healthcare status and defend your position.


Discussion 3                                                                                     

Since its inception, the only consistent thing about Medicare is constant change. Discuss your thoughts on the evolution and future of Medicare. For example, is Medicare in the best interest of our country? Should it be more commercialized? Has the program gotten away from its original purpose? Is this a program best run by private companies or the different levels of government? Be sure to defend your opinion with details and examples.


Discussion 4

There are several factors limiting individual state control of healthcare. Discuss what you feel is the most significant limiting factor and offer suggestions of potential positive reform to address this factor.


Discussion 5

Search the Internet to find a video news clip or article illustrating the United States government’s medical response to a natural or man-made disaster. In your discussion, list the source of your example and evaluate what healthcare policy must have been operational – or should have been – to enable quick action when such a disaster struck.


Discussion 6

You’ve learned a lot about healthcare policy over the term. Healthcare policy has been at the forefront of political debate for decades. Discuss and defend your opinion for which healthcare system is best for America. For this discussion, choose between free market (traditional American) or a national healthcare plan (as seen in Canada).

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