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Complete this two part essay with at least 2 references each in APA format. Absolutely no plagiarism!!!

Assignment #1

300 Words each APA FORMAT please add references- Complete in a Microsoft Word Document  with less than 5% plagiarism.  DUE THURSDAY 06/09/2016


Part 1-300 words minimum

Suppose a soft-drink firm is grappling with the decision about whether or not to introduce to the market a new carbonated beverage with 25 percent fruit juice. How might it use the six decision steps to guide its course of action?


~These are the six decision steps~



1. Define the Problem

2. Determine the Objective

3. Explore the Alternatives

4. Predict the Consequences

5. Make a Choice

6. Perform Sensitivity Analysis


Part 2- 400 words minimum

Listed here are several examples of bad, or at least questionable, decisions. Evaluate the decision maker’s approach or logic. In which of the six decision steps might the decision maker have gone wrong?

(a) Mr. and Mrs. A recently bought a house, the very first one they viewed.
(b) Firm B has invested five years and $6 million in developing a new product. Even now, it is not clear whether the product can compete profitably in the market. Nonetheless, top management decides to commercialize it so that the development cost will not be wasted. 

(c) You are traveling on a highway with two traffic lanes in each direction. Usually traffic flows smoothly, but tonight traffic moving in your direction is backed up for half a mile. After crawling for 15 minutes, you reach the source of the tie-up: a mattress is lying on the road, blocking one lane. Like other motorists before you, you shrug and drive on. 

(d) The sedative thalidomide was withdrawn from drug markets in 1962 only after it was found to be the cause of over 8,000 birth defects worldwide. (An exception was the United States, where the use of thalidomide was severely restricted).


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