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Lab – PHP and Web Forms

Attached is a larg PDF file that goes into specific and Called an Lab.


After completing this lab, you will submit a word (or PDF) document that meets all of the requirements in the description at the end of this document. In addition, your Web Application files should be submitted. You can submit multiple files in a zip file.


Everything in the Lab does not need to be done as they are already done. Only what is under Lab submission details on pages 23 – 24 and is shown below:


Lab submission details:

As part of the submission for this Lab, you will create your own Web application to store and use session variables in a simple e-Commerce store.

Specifically, you will create an e-Commerce application using PHP and HTML that allows a user to login to a website, select several products for purchase and then place an order for those items selected. The type of products and price you use for the store are up to you.

The following guidelines should be used in your design and development:

1. The Login form should consist of fields for username, email address and password.

2. After login, a welcome message should appear providing a simple order form with at least 10 products of your choice. Be sure to include an image of the product and price.

3. Users can shop your store for up to 30 minutes before the session will expire.

4. Once all products are selected, the user should be able to checkout and pay for their purchases.

5. The payment page should display the username, email address and the products and total price of the purchases.

6. A “Purchase” button should be available to indicate the product was purchases and should generate a “Thank you” message of your choice.

7. On the Thank you message page, an option for logging out and essentially unsetting the stored sessions variables should be available and implemented.

Feel free to add additional HTML and PHP elements to enhance your web application. Create screen shots showing the successful running of your application.

For your deliverables, you should submit a zip file containing your word document (or PDF file) with screen shots of the application running successfully along with your PHP web application file.


Include your full name, class number and section and date in the document. (You may use the blank word document that is also attached with this information already in it and add what is needed to it. Also, this Lab is added on from products (E-Books) already done so Zip file of that is attached so you can see that and edit with above needed for this week and that Word Document is called williamclementsSDEV300Lab5. If you have an VM I can provide the ubutu file to use to open it or use your machine. Zip File can be called week4.zip



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