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Need immediate help with MBA homework

General DB Instructions

  • Post an answer for the discussion questions.  Be concise but comprehensive.  Your response should be short but detailed.  Use brief paragraphs for each question.  
  • Support your conclusions and connect your ideas to this week’s readings, other resources, or specific examples from your own experience. Support your thoughts because references let your reader know where you gathered your information. Include both internal citations and a reference list.
  • Remember to change the subject when you start your new thread.
  • Provide at least two thoughtful comments or questions (preferably many more).  Responding with 2 replies is the minimum requirement and comments to more classmates’ posts will help you earn maximum points.
  • Write something that demonstrates your understanding of your classmate’s response and builds on what she/he has stated in some way.  You should write something meaningful.  Simple statements like “That’s right” or “I agree” are not considered thoughtful replies. 


 Week 3 DB: Lobbying & Advocacy

Find the ‘Issues’ or ‘Advocacy’ pages for an organization that interests you (examples include but are not limited to: American Diabetes Association, American Cancer Society, American Medical Association, American Hospital Association, The Epilepsy Foundation of New England) that lobbies on health care issues.   Answer the following questions:

1. Provide a brief description of the agency history. 

2. Define its mission.

3. What is one of the key health care issues or problems of most concern to the agency?  

4. What is the organization’s preferred solution for this problem?  

5. a. Where on the public agenda is this area of concern?  

    b. How would you assess the organization’s chances for success on this issue with increasing public awareness and lobbying efforts in the current political climate?  Do you think the window of opportunity is opening or closing on their problem?

6. a. Describe the tools or tactics they suggest to use to advocate for their issues.  (Ideas commonly seen include working with the media, grassroots organizing in your community, hints for writing your legislator, giving money, and joining coalitions with likeminded groups.)

    b. Review the site in terms of overall helpfulness, and ease of participating as an advocate in favor of (or against) issues of concern. 

7. a. Include a link with the site address (URL) and the name of the organization.  

    b. OPTIONAL: Include a link to their page for “getting involved” to endorse a proposal or support an effort.



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