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Review and analyze company's executive members, committee involvement, compensation package and overall company's performance

Before submitting handshake, please review the full question and requirements. Before payment, during the completion or answer notification, there is a need to provide completeness status for each section listed. I am aware all providers do their best to promise top quality original verified work before the due date. I hope you do not miss these specific instructions. Thanks in advance for making time to read and help with this. Due Jun/9/16 at 10:00AM Eastern time zone


During answer submission, please provide summary below:

Pre-requisite: Links to 2015 annual report, proxy statement i.e. 14A (or its variants), bio page links etc. covered in References

Section#1: All sections covered: YES or NO

Section#2: All sections covered: YES or NO


The question follows below:


“Never, ever think about something else when you should be thinking about the power of incentives.”  – Charlie M.

Of course, we agree, and we want you to learn how to evaluate financial incentives that you’ll discover in the corporate world. We also want you to be able to assess relatively strong and weak corporate governance systems. That’s the crux of this paper.

• First, choose QCOM to examine and analyze its governance principles, structures, and practices.

• We firmly believe that the effective financial decision-maker will understand the power that governance and strong systems have over financial performance, and thus it’s important to train ourselves to be acutely aware of these issues.

Pre-requisite:Here’s how we recommend approaching the paper:

§  Head to edgar.sec.gov to access your company’s financial statements (or any site where you feel comfortable accessing your company’s financial statements, including the company’s own homepage).

  • Pull up the annual report – 10-K
  • Pull up the proxy statement (it’s also called the 14A, the DEF14A, and occasionally the PRE14A).
  • Read the statement in its entirety and reflect.
  • Times New Roman 11 size with 1.5 line spacing; All references in APA style. Suggested length is 6 pages not including title, executive summary and references.

Section 1:

Write a paper in which you cover the following subsections – all items must be evaluated :

§  Executive Summary

§  Brief intro on QCOM

§  Introduction to the current analysis

§  Deep dive into following as  a separate section:

1.       Determine whether the board seems appropriately constituted. Are these people qualified to be governing a business of this type? (Read their bios and even Google them for more info.)

2.       Assess the committees the board members sit on. Are they appropriately staffed?

3.       Assess the “C” level management. How long have they been with the company? What is their relative experience?

4.       Evaluate the board’s philosophy on executive compensation.

5.       Discuss the metrics tied to the CEO’s incentive compensation. Are they sound metrics or not?

6.       Determine if the CEO’s compensation is reasonable considering the company’s financial performance.

7.       Determine if related-party transactions (sometimes called “transactions with related parties”) exist, and if they do, whether they are reasonable.

§  Comments

§  Conclusion

§  APA style References


Section 2:

#1: Ensure the following are included in the references:

> Provide links to Bio page of every member in your analysis

                – Committees they are part of

                – assess the C-suite and provide comments about their tenure and external experience

> Is QCOM Board adequately staffed?

> Provide information about the sources of executive compensation

#2: Show the roles of executive, tenure, compensation package and committee and committee function

Sl. NO.  | Name | Designation| Date of Join| Date of appointment to current role|Compensation Package |Highest Education |Committee| Committee Function|

#3: From discussion point of view:

For the board committees, you definitely want to talk about at least the three common ones (see posting below).

If your company (QCOM) has had issues or is somehow required to have others that are relevant to the paper, please feel free to talk briefly about one or two of them as well.

Talking about the CEO is a given, and cover 6 of the other major executives; especially the ones on the committees and/or who might have conflicts of interest. Thus, anyone who serves on more than one committee should be discussed due to his/her multiple responsibilities.

If your company has an extensive listing of executives or senior management (Presidents, Senior VPs, VPs, etc.), you can limit your focus to just one or two regions – where the company is headquartered and one significant revenue market. For QCOM – China and USA.

In these cases, limit the discussion to the leaders of the North American and one other significant revenue market operations–leaving all the other regions of the globe out of their paper.


#4: Create similar for equity awards and the dates of award and value of equity etc. and include them in the References part of the paper.

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