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"Ruined" play questions

-The playwright does not provide a specific time-period.  Therefore, using the study guide and information from some of the scenes, we must determine a year and season on our own. Based on what is presented, when could this play take place?  What time-period would have the greatest impact on an audience today?

  • Why would the playwright choose to include comic moments in Ruined? Support your answer.
  • If Christian wants a better life for Sophie, why does he sell her to Mama?  Does he really care for her?  Support your answer with specific examples from the script.
  • Why did Mama want to finance Sophie’s medical procedure and new life?
  • What do you think Mr. Harari does with the raw diamond?
  • What is the climax of Ruined? Is it when Salima kills herself or is it when Mama Nadi admits she is Ruined.  Are you sure that Salima killing herself is not a false climax created by the playwright to bring about a stronger reveal for the moment Mama Nadi admits she too has been ruined? Isn’t this moment the biggest surprise of all? Doesn’t most of the dramatic action revolve around Mama Nadi and the choices she makes?  Don’t those choices affect everything that occurs and how all of the characters behave or are allowed to behave?
  • Is there any reason to censor Ruined from being performed.  What would refute those reasons?
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