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STR 581 Week 1 CAREER CONNECTION: Values and Strategy Paper



In this class, for the WEEK 1 Individual Assignment, and all Learning Activities, you will select a specific target enterprise upon which to focus for the entire course.It should preferably be your employer, or your most recent employer. If an alternative is required, it will be discussed with the facilitator.  All Learning Activities, will focus on this enterprise as the reference point.


Whenever you respond to a Learning Activity(LA) that calls for you to reference your target enterprise, please start  with the name of your company and a  couple words about what it does. Unless instructed otherwise, all Learning Activity responses should be focused on this specific enterprise-your employer. You will be asked during Week 1 to write a brief paragraph or two describing your target enterprise for facilitator approval. If you plan to select another enterprise for some specific reason, you must explain the reason and describe how you intend to access research data and information about that firm. Deviating from your current or most recent employer is discouraged in all but the most exceptional circumstances.  If doing so creates a proprietary or confidentiality challenge, then state that, but still, you can describe the industry and the firm using generic terms in specific circumstances to satisfy the requirements of the course. You should be focused upon the enterprise where you have the most experience. That way, there is a consistent thread in the theme of your responses that yields new knowledge relative to the learning outcomes of the course. Requests should only be made if there is an absolutely compelling reason to depart from the instructions above. I will need to approve such a departure.




Beginning with the WEEK 2 Assignment, the team will select a public company upon which it wants to focus for the entire course, which will result in the development of the FINAL Strategic Plan.




After instructor approval using your target enterprise:




Examine the process of strategic management.


Write a paper that is at least 1,050 words in which you address the following:


    Identify the major components of the strategic management process.

    Discuss how these components work together to create value for your target enterprise.

    Evaluate the company’s mission statement, vision statement, motivation strategy, innovation strategy, and people strategy.  If the target enterprise does not have one or more of these, how does that affect the organization and its people?

    Explain the role of ethics and corporate social responsibility in strategic planning.  How does this direct their strategy? How does the target enterprise’s vison and mission align with your own values and vision?  If you are currently working for the organization, how does your role influence this and vice versa?


In this class you must meet or exceed (no points deducted for reasonable overage) the minimum deliverables length threshold (1050 words) in order to ensure sufficient coverage of the learning objectives. If you do not meet it, points will be deducted.




Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.Be sure to include title page, and reference citations must be presented on unique page (not bleeding from regular text). Be sure citations list is complete, i.e. course text (Hitt, Ireland, and Hoskisson) target enterprise, and any additional research conducted. Times New Roman 12′ font is preferred Do not use bullet points.




Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment as a Microsoft® Word document.


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